Flaky vs Organised…

I’ve been having a bit of a flaky time lately. The problem is the old one – what do you do when the things that interest you, appeal to quite separate readers with little or no overlap? My solution has been to keep my particular ‘specialist subjects’ (needlepoint & visiting historic places) away in their own separate corners of Blogland.

The danger is, you can become addicted to having more and more blogs as you experiment with different formats and topics.

And when that starts to happen, instead of being yourself in your blogs  you start to be only a thin sliver of yourself. And then before you know what’s happening, you start to get flaky.

I’ve been feeling flaky lately, so I’ve needed to make a few decisions and bring a little organisation into the mix.

What I’m aiming for, is a blogging home where I can be the whole me, warts, odd interests, and all. I’ve pondered what to do about it, and decided in totally uncharacteristically organised fashion, on a bit of a compromise – to have a place which will be the ‘everyday me’, with easy access to the specialist areas for anyone brave or foolish enough to venture out.

Sadly, although I love the format of Wondrissima, it doesn’t really have the flexibility I need to keep everything in a central home, so after a lot of dithering (I’m an Olympic standard ditherer), I decided to resurrect my old blog, Mostly Motley, give it a facelift and move back in there.

I know it’s a pain in the proverbial, but I’d be absolutely delighted if you’d follow me over to Mostly Motley

Thank you so much.

Best wishes to all.
















Fern baby…

Usually they take me by surprise – now you don’t see them, now you do sort of thing…IMAG1312

Not this year – I spotted the babies sneaking out.

I’ve grown to like the ferns.

I made the mistake of under-planting them a few times – you know when they’ve died back and been tidied up, it’s hard to remember just how much space they take up when they’re in full frond (what’s the right word?).

Now I keep a mental note of the fern exclusion zone.

IMAG1310I love spirals – and these are Mother Nature’s very own.



Quick change…

This morning I had intended to have a mini rant about the amount of laundry I’ve had to do over the weekend – just how many dirty clothes and towels can two teenage girls generate in a few days I asked myself – well now I know and I have the resulting ironing mountain to prove it (no, not the towels, I don’t go there).

But then, before I let myself loose on the computer, I took the dog for our early morning walk in the woods.

And lo and behold (I’ve always wanted to say that) – something wonderful has happened over the weekend. While I was frantically dancing to the call of the washing-machine, the leaves on the trees decided to start unfurling. The approach to the car-park is along a horse-chestnut avenue – on Friday it was bare, today – dripping with verdant new leaves.

It quite took my breath away and then, strange to say, the laundry didn’t seem in the slightest bit important.

So when I got home, I went to have a look at our own baby horse-chestnut – kindly planted for our enjoyment and in a really rather unsuitable position, by the local squirrels.IMAG1272

Wonderfully uplifting green.


Mother of the bride orange…IMAG1291

my favourite Queen of the Night tulips…

if anyone recognises what this plant is, please tell me - it was in a bag of odds and ends and has taken a couple of years to establish.

if anyone recognises what this plant is, please tell me – it was in a bag of odds and ends and has taken a couple of years to establish.

And I know they grow anywhere, but before they set seed, don’t forget-me-nots look lovely.


Now then, where’s the iron.








Dog at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire


Another dog at Wrest Park.



Remember this chap? – one of a pair of dogs at Ascott House, near Wing, Buckinghamshire.

Can’t help thinking they’re related. They don’t look very happy do they.


Happy May Day



The sky really is that colour – right now – I’m still sitting here looking at it from my window.

I can remember some pretty chilly May Days, but ones like this must be what all nature worshippers relish. Even I feel like sticking daisies in my hair and having a good skip about.

What a difference a few degrees of warmth make. Off to sit or possibly play in the garden now.

Happy Beltane, May Day etc…